About Us

Brenda and Franko’s Fun Tours has been established as a Tour Operator and Transportation service company for more than twenty years here on the beautiful island of St. Thomas U.S Virgin Islands.  With our mission statement “So nice, Sooo nice” we have built a product that is second to none.

As the most powerful engine that drives our economy, Tourism is the number one industry here in the Virgin Islands and for that reason, Brenda and Franko have put ourselves in the minds of visitors to get a grasp of what will make them “tick”.  The results…. Fun. History. Beaches. Sites. Views and more Fun. Welcome to our home and experience why St. Thomas is nice, so nice!!

About Franko

Franko is your tour instructor on this adventurous and historical journey.  With lessons in English, French, Spanish and Patois these are the dominating factors which set Brenda and Franko’s Fun Tours apart from the competition.  Being of Haitian descent and a former teacher has given him the flexibility of speaking four languages.

About Brenda

In addition to having a well versed and informative tour guide, one would require an excellent driver.  This is where Brenda comes in! With more than thirty years of driving experience and being the best lady driver on the island, relax and enjoy the ride as she safely and expertly maneuvers her driving machine with her “precious cargo” on board.  Did you know she was a race car driver?

What led us to start this business?

As the ever-increasing desire for our Tourism product is constantly changing, Brenda and Franko observed, listened, and envisioned the possibilities of where this career could eventually take us.  Employed as cab drivers who took passengers from one destination of the island to the other, we’ve had the distinct opportunity of meeting so many individuals who would inquire and require our services over and over while on vacation. So we thought…. “We can build something here!”  We did! Brenda and Franko’s Fun Tours went viral in 2013 and the rest is history!

Our company is deeply committed to and passionate about what we do… and that is sharing our history, our culture and ultimately our beautiful island that we call home.  It’s always an adventure here at Brenda and Franko’s Fun Tours because of the amazing opportunity we’ve had ever since our company’s inception and that’s meeting people of all walks of life and from around the globe.  There are days when we “visit” Poland, Nigeria, Australia and the list goes on because of the diversity of visitors to our shores. So, it’s an adventure for us too!

Our fleet of vehicles consists of the ever-popular open-air buses, air-conditioned fourteen passenger vans and the more private smaller rides.  Come on down and join us on the Caribbean’s most beautiful island and experience why St. Thomas is nice, so nice!!

God bless you all!

Franko and Brenda Pierre-Louis

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