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Tour Highlights

Make the Most of Your Time with Brenda and Franko's Fun Tours

Join us on a virtual tour of our beautiful island.
Things to do in Charlotte Amalie:

  • Fort Christian – built in 1671 by the Danish Government. The St. Thomas Museum can be found inside. Small admission fee to enter
  • The Emancipation Garden – dedicated to the abolition of slavery which ended in 1848 under the Danish regime. Hang out on the benches if you’re not into shopping!
  • The Virgin Islands Legislature – built in 1874 by the Danes with a 15-member body
  • The Government House – located in the Historical District of Charlotte Amalie
  • The Jewish Synagogue – the second oldest church in the United States. Its floors are covered with sand
  • Main Street – the shopping mecca of the Caribbean with more than 400 stores selling jewelry, liquor, electronics, tobacco etc. Restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Vendor’s Plaza – local outdoor market loaded with goodies. Souvenirs, t-shirts and casual wear, sunglasses, jewelry, bags, and hair braiding services
  • The 99 Steps – Located in The Historical District of Charlotte Amalie

Sightseeing Destinations and Attractions:

  • Mountain Top – enjoy the island’s 1547-foot elevation with views of the Atlantic Ocean, Magens Bay, and surrounding islands. Photo ops, banana daiquiris, shops, and restrooms
  • Sir Francis Drake’s Seat – photos, donkey rides, views of Magens Bay Beach
  • Valdemar Hill Scenic Lookout – amazing views of the Caribbean side with ships, Charlotte Amalie Harbor, Water and Hassel islands and neighboring St. Croix, Vieques, Culebra and Puerto Rico during really clear days. Views, photos, shops, donkey rides, and restrooms
  • Eastern side of the island – views of St. John and local residential areas. Views and photos

Come on down and experience why the Virgin Islands are nice, sooo nice! Thank you for choosing Brenda and Franko’s Fun Tours to explore our beautiful island!