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In our efforts to give our clients the best service imaginable while exploring our beautiful island, Brenda and Franko’s Fun Tours will pick you up from your ship, hotel or villa and take you into the heart of our Capital Charlotte Amalie, where you’ll get the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful places found on our island.

Join us on this virtual tour of St. Thomas…..

  • Fort Christian – the oldest structure here on St. Thomas was built in 1671 by the Danes during their ruling of the islands. A photo of this ancient building can be found in our places of interests page and our photo gallery.
  • The Emancipation Garden also dates back to King Christian’s ruling of the former Danish Islands.
  • The Legislature Building houses 15 Senators, one Senator-At-Large who must be a resident of St. John as well as our Delegate into The U.S. Congress. Here is where all laws are made, broken, and amended.
  • The Government House is located in the Historical District of St. Thomas (Government Hill) and is where our present Governor Honorable Kenneth Map works from on a daily basis.
  • The Jewish Synagogue is the oldest in the Western Hemisphere and its floors are covered in sand. The Moravian and Lutheran churches are centrally located in our Capital.
  • Main Street is the shopping mecca of the Caribbean. Here, shoppers can shop until they drop as they explore over 400 stores… mainly selling jewelry, liquor, tobacco etc.
  • The Vendor’s Plaza is a great little market place if you’re looking for souvenirs, hats,
    t-shirts, knocked off bags and jewelry, and even hair braiding.
  • After your fill of shopping and exploring on your own in our Capital, we return for you at 11:00 a.m. and really begin exploring our beautiful island. So let the fun begin guys as Brenda and Franko’s Fun Tours will be heading to the mountains…
  • Our first stop on this adventurous journey will be made at the property of Blackbeard’s Castle with the first full story about two of the world’s most dangerous and notorious pirates Blackbeard and Bluebeard and The Three Queens Fountain where Queens Mary, Matilda and Agnes can be found.
  • For the adventurous at heart, please stretch a little before you begin as Franko will take you on a walking tour of The 99 Steps (103) which were utilized as a short cut for the inhabitants at Blackbeard’s Castle to run faster to alert the people at Fort Christian of any pending danger to the island by the enemy ships. It will be hot, hot, hot but don’t worry… for on Brenda and Franko’s Fun Tours we have a free mini bar on board with water, soft drinks and free samples of our local Cruzan Rum to cool you off.
  • Now is the time everyone, as we head to St. Thomas’ highest elevation 1547 feet located at the world’s famous Mountain Top for the island’s most spectacular views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean side as Magen’s bay beach will be looking like a beautiful swimming pool. Included in this awesome view are The British Virgin Islands like, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, Virgin Gorda, Little and Great Tobago all surrounding by the U.S Virgin Islands Hans Lollick, Thatch Cay, Lovango Cay, Grass Cay and our sister island St. John.
  • Any golf enthusiasts on board? go ahead and take a beautiful picture of the Mahogany Run Golf Course while you’re at the Mountain Top. And shoppers, you can shop to your content here at this huge shopping mall on the mountain while enjoying the world’s famous banana daiquiri, using the restrooms if it’s necessary and also free WIFI.
  • All aboard! The fun and history continue as we leave this unforgettable view and head to the heart of the North side of the island as you’ll see where our airport, power plant, Water Island, The Military Base and second cruise ship port and our commercial port are located. Other attractions include The Botanical Gardens located at St. Peter’s Great House and The Zip Line are just a few minutes away.
  • Enjoy the ride and the great selections of music in the meantime. Coming up will be The Sir Francis Drake’s Seat which offers a magical view of Magen’s Bay beach and the other islands including Inner and Outer Brass from a lower vantage point. Make yourself famous and relax on the bench this British explorer used to view what was happening at Drake’s Passage also named in his honor.
  • Just around the corner we’ll be overlooking the Caribbean Sea side of the island. Spectacular views of Charlotte Amalie, the main cruise ship port, Water and Hassell Islands, Blackbeard’s and Bluebeard’s Castles are seen from Valdemar Hill and Skyline Drive.
  • If the visibility is clear we will show you our largest U.S. Virgin Island… St.Croix, the two other islands… Vierques and Culebra which are part of Puerto Rico. Your tour guide Franko will enlighten you with the history of this side of the island. Thirsty? No worries… have a bottle of water, soft drink or a sample of the other drinks we have for you. Take some beautiful pictures and don’t forget to ride Monica….
  • As we leave Valdemar Hill, all roads lead to the Eastern End of the island and to an amazing beach. On this scenic drive you will see where a portion of the island is predominantly owned by our local residents as the houses in this area are more affordable compared to the houses and properties located on the mountains or near the ocean.
  • Our sister island of St. John gets closer as we make our way to the beach. Enjoy your day at the beach everyone as you snorkel, jet ski, para sail and the local food and drinks that can be had and we will return for you later at your convenience. Don’t feel like swimming? No problem. Wet your feet, take some beautiful pictures and we will take you back to your ship, your hotel, your villa or down town with more history lessons and more Caribbean Calypso, Soca, Zouk and Reggae music.< Get ready to be part of the chorus to sing ” Every day of the week” oooh, oooh… then… Virgin Islands nice, so nice, so niiiiice.

Thank you for choosing Brenda and Franko’s Fun Tours to explore our beautiful island!

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